Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pancake Barrer rorr

This was just hilarious! When I own a place of my own I'm definitely getting a cat and teaching him to barrel roll =) 

Harry potter stars then and now

So I was just browsing the internet and thought that this was pretty interesting. The changes that these stars have gone through are unbelievable!

Harry Potter's Cast Then

Harry Potter's Cast Now

Below are some more detailed pictures of our favorite actors from childhood!

Daniel Radcliffe Then                                   

Daniel Radcliffe Now

He isn't that cute little boy that we are so used to seeing anymore is he now?

Emma Watson Then

Emma Watson Now

I must say she turned out to be much prettier than many of us had imagined!

Rupert Grint Then

Rupert Grint Now

He is quite a stunner isn't he?

Tom Felton Then

Tom Felton Now

Harry Potter's biggest rival is surprisingly quite a charming young man.

Bonnie Wright Then

Bonnie Wright Now

Beautiful !

Well these are just a few pictures of Harry Potter celebs now and then. I hope all of you HP fans enjoyed that =)